Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for Development of Ukraine Procures BCG Vaccine for New-Borns

Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for Development of Ukraine Procures BCG Vaccine for New-Borns

Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for Development of Ukraine procured BCG vaccine for new-born babies of Donetsk Oblast, said Tatyana Kirillova, Main TB Doctor of Donetsk Oblast, in her interview to UNIAN news agency.

She said that vaccine supply had been a problem for the region for several years running.

"In 2009, Donetsk Oblast had only 60% supply of BCG vaccine, still the planned vaccination of new-borns was fulfilled by means of 2008 vaccine remains. However, we only vaccinated new-born babies. No vaccination was given to children aged 7-14", said the Main Children’s TB Doctor of Donetsk Oblast. 

Tatyana Kirillova emphasized that BCG supply still remains a problem in 2010. "We still don't have any vaccine. Parents are worried, as the new-borns are discharged from maternity hospitals without vaccination done, so they aren't protected from infections. With the view of current TB sickness rate in Ukraine, risk of TB contamination for unprotected children multiplies. Therefore, Regional Health Administration and Regional Sanitary-Epidemiological Station turned to Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for Development of Ukraine with a request to help procure BCG vaccine for new-borns," said Tatyana Kirillova. 

According to the Main Children’s TB Doctor, FDU agreed to help and purchased 10 thousand BCG vaccine doses to be received today by the Regional Sanitary-Epidemiological Station and to be delivered to all the cities and districts of the region on Monday, 1 March. "This amount of vaccine will be enough for about six weeks, until April when we are expecting a delivery from the Ministry of Health. Our doctors are trying to use every vaccine dose rationally, avoiding any losses. For this purpose, we divide children into groups according to the number of vaccine doses and set particular time for every group’s vaccination, this way the vaccine is used completely without need for its transfer", said Tatyana Kirillova. 

She pointed out that FDU had already provided help before, in 2008, when Donetsk Oblast faced the same problems with the state-funded BCG supplies. "We are grateful to Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for solving this complicated issue and hope for further assistance," said the Main TB Doctor of Donetsk Oblast.

As UNIAN previously informed, in 2010 Donetsk Oblast faced acute shortage of TB vaccine (BCG) needed for vaccination of new-borns and re-vaccination of children and teenagers. According to the data provided by Viktor Denisenko, Main State Sanitarian of Donetsk Oblast, the lack of planned vaccination results in the increased risk of TB contamination for children in the environment of TB epidemic, and in the violated plan of vaccination against other infections.

Source: UNIAN-Health
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