Best TB-Specialists in Donetsk Region Awarded on 27 March

The grand ceremony awarding winners of Best in Profession Contest held among specialists of anti-TB service of the region took place on 27 March at 11:00 in the Donetsk Regional Philharmonic Hall.

Nomination "Best District (out-patient) TB-doctor":

Press Announcement. World TB Day

The day of 24 March is a special date in TB history. Robert Koch announced discovery of tuberculosis bacillus on this day in 1882. The UN held the first World TB Day 100 years after on 24 March, 1982. The day has been marked annually since then. TB remains a big global problem for public health. Almost 9m new cases are registered every year around the world and over 1.5m people die.

TB Centers Being Closed in Ukraine

One of the oldest TB centers in Dnepropetrovsk Region is facing a shutdown. The decision was made by the Regional Council and Dnepropetrovsk Health Care Administration. Officials argue the facility is inefficient and its premises have outdated. Yet the TB center patients believe someone has simple put eye on the building. They are ready to protest to keep the center.

Problems of prisoners, patients by tuberculosis, requires an urgent decision

To May of current year an interdepartmental working group will develop conception of decision in the country of problem of maintenance of prisoners, patients the active form of tuberculosis.

New survey finds highest rates of drug-resistant TB to date

Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) has been recorded at the highest rates ever, according to a new report published today. The report presents findings from the largest survey to date on the scale of drug resistance in tuberculosis.

Luhansk Region to Hold 1-Month TB-Fighting Project

TB morbidity of all forms went down by 7.3% in 2007. Yet 14 cities and 15 areas of Luhansk region are experiencing an epidemic. The rate tumbled by 6.7% among children and by 2.8% among teenagers.

Conference-hall in Regional Anti-TB Hospital in Donetsk Opens with Support by Foundation for Development of Ukraine

On 12 February, 2008 at 11:00 Donetsk Regional Anti-TB Hospital saw a grand opening of the conference-hall after repair carried out with technical support of Foundation for Development of Ukraine.

TB doctors discussed status and ways of combating tuberculosis

Vasiliy Knyazevich, the Minister of Health of Ukraine, held a meeting with heads of regional health departments, chief doctors of sanitary and epidemiological stations, scientists, chief TB doctors, heads of anti-TB programmes and public organizations. The meeting discussed  urgent issues of contemporary phthisiology, in particular, issues related to activities aimed at combating TB epidemic.

Opening of the conference hall in Oblast anti-TB hospital of Donetsk supported by the Foundation for Development of Ukraine

The opening ceremony of the reconstructed conference hall is to take place on February 12 in Donetsk Oblast anti-TB hospital. The technical support of the Event is provided by the Foundation for Development of Ukraine.

New Study says aggressive tuberculosis control could yield substantial economic gains for poor countries

A new World Bank research report, completed on behalf of the Stop TB Partnership, finds that 22 countries with the world's highest numbers of TB cases could earn significantly more than they spend on TB diagnosis and treatment if they signed onto the Stop TB Partnership's Global Plan to Stop TB.


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