Laboratory on Wheels

Laboratory on Wheels

In October, Donetsk residents will have a chance to get free digital lung screening without doctor’s prescription.

The Foundation for Development of Ukraine helped Donetsk oblast to run a mobile digital X-ray laboratory to provide free screening of internal organs for everybody. The importance of the campaign can hardly be overestimated in the region with poor environmental conditions. “X-ray screening is not to detect TB only”, says digital X-ray project manager and radiologist, Larisa Kravtsova. “It also provides for timely diagnostics and prevention of cancer and silicosis (caused by regular inhalation of dust), which is an occupational disease in our region”.

Curiously enough, but mobile X-ray laboratories would operate primarily in the areas with limited access to hospitals, i.e. in remote settlements, villages and collective farms before. Residents of these areas face the problem today too. However, the digital X-ray facility will operate first in big towns of Donetsk oblast prior to heading to remote areas. Donetsk city was the first on the list. The lab was opened for residents of the city on the central Lenin Square on 10 October. By 26 October the laboratory will have visited almost all major market places, bus stations, squares, etc. From 28 October to 9 November it will operate in neighboring Makeyevka city.

Donetsk residents, who had taken the chance to have their lungs screened in a digital laboratory, appreciated its advantages. First, the service is free. Second, there are no long queues like in hospitals that can be quite repelling. Third, the procedure is fast, for one needn’t await the results for several days. High quality pictures are another advantage. Besides, the radiation exposed by digital X-ray facility is almost twice as low as that of a traditional facility.

Complete screening takes 5 minutes at the most. Once the “photo” has been taken, two doctors examine the image on the screen, write out their opinion and hand it out to the client together with the image. Patients with some lung abnormalities detected receive a consultation on further examination.

On-line edition: Ukraina Moloda
By Pavel Kushch